Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 144, 11th July 2009: Celebration!

Small gathering at my friend Wern Tyng's house!

I bought a birthday cake so we can celebrate earlier with her, seeing that i might be "disappearing" from Malaysia soon enough =P!

Day 143, 10th July 2009: Smart girl!

She never fail to amuse me, even when it's night and time to sleep (^^ )!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 142, 9th July 2009: I love Sashimi!

Japanese food rocks!~

Day 141, 8th July 2009: Breakfast with Daddy.

CKT without taugeh is THE BEST!

I went for Ice Age 3 (almost slept, not because it was boring, because i was so sleepy and tired!), then did some grocery shopping.

It looks healthy, but underneath it all... hehehe!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 140, 7th July 2009: Girls' night in!

No pictures today!

Went out for grocery shopping in the afternoon.
Then at night, takeaway KFC and went to Cow's house to watch a horror movie. It wasn't really good, but anyways, we wanted to watch a second movie (i wanted one with hot guys and sunshine, lols) but couldn't decide on which... so we drove out to buy DVDs! LOLS! So much for being spontaneous =P!

Typical scenario in the car. Shouting nonstop, and her ignoring me being retarded while i ignore her for being bimbotic.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 139, 6th July 2009: Stomach cramp.

Went for Korean lunch with Cow today. Was supposed to go for movies, but coincidentally, both of our tummies hurt so badly in the end we stoned out at her boyfriend's house instead, and i get to watch "Mrs Doubtfire"! Yeah!

I've always wanted to watch that movie again! I'm surprised i didn't remember most of the parts, but it was still a good watch! The ending was completely different from what i remembered somehow =P!

Day 138, 5th July 2009: How I Met Your Mother.

Haha, i spend the whole day watching "How I Met Your Mother" again! I love Swarley, his my favourite character, but Marshall and Lily is adorable too!

Had dinner at Souled Out, the sphagetti was awesome!!
I wanna go there again!!